Find below a selection of works from the past years in random order. For available works please check the galleries I'm working with or the shop linked to this website.

Affenfaust Galerie / Germany

Kraus Gallery / US

Exclusive Urban Art / Italy

Graffiti Prints / UK

"Spot Remover" 2014
"Age Of Distraction" 2021
"Most Is What You Make Of It" 2016
"Business As Usual" 2021
"The Future Looks Bright" 2019
"This Was Art (Sorry Lucio)" 2015
"Seems Like I Can Do It" 2015
"Drip Remover" 2018
"Art Head" 2017
"When I Grow Up" 2018
"Is This Art" 2014
"Scream Remover" 2022
"Can Solo" 2016
"Attacking The Blank Canvas" 2015
"Wake Me Up When It's All Over" 2021
"TV Boy" 2012
"Bubble Remover" 2018
"Why Reach For The Stars When This Place Could Be Heaven Too" 2018
"Fragile" 2014
"Soak Up Art When You Can" 2018
"Ex Remover" 2019
"See Me Through It" 2021
"Falling Apart But Hanging In There" 2016
"Breaking Through To The Next Idea" 2020
"Burn Capitalism Burn" 2015
"Escape Artist" 2021
"Art Rodeo" 2018
"Martini Hunter" 2014
"A Kid Could Do That, Or Couldn't It" 2016
"A Bit Of A Self Portrait" 2016
"Fencer vs Bubbles" 2020
"I Wish" 2018
"Killed Reality The Fairytale Star" 2015
"Armed Up" 2023
"Oh Captain My Captain" 2020
"Ist Das Kunst Oder Kann Das Weg" 2016